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**** Please make all efforts to conduct your union business via email, phone, or web. We are discouraging all face to face contact and take everyone’s personal safety very seriously. See the Covid-19 tab for details on our meetings.  The October 20, 2020 General Membership Meeting will be held in the General Membership Hall  in person using CDC Guidelines.


Please make all efforts to conduct your union business via email, phone, or web. We are discouraging all face to face contact and take everyone’s personal safety very seriously.


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Thank you to our awesome volunteers from the I.B.E.W. Local 110 E.W.M.C. Committee for their work last weekend on the Adopt A Highway program  up in the Cambridge area.


Volunteers: Dave Slattery, Johnny Graff, Gary Oman, Amado Moreno, Tony Huss & Son, Steve Patrin & Son







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Out of concern for members’ safety, the IBEW Local 110 Union Blood Drive scheduled for Wednesday, September 9, 2020 has been postponed. The American Red Cross is still accepting donations at their St. Paul and Arden Hills donation centers as well as other community drive locations. I urge anyone and everyone that is healthy and comfortable with donating to do so at your earliest opportunity. The American Red Cross and our community are in a dire need of donations. Information, news and scheduling are available at: Below are statements from the American Red Cross.

From the American Red Cross:

For a limited time, the Red Cross will test all blood, platelet and plasma donations for COVID-19 antibodies as an additional health service to our donors. The Red Cross hopes testing will provide critical insight into whether donors may have possibly been exposed to this coronavirus, as some COVID-19 carriers can be asymptomatic. We are committed to helping others in meaningful ways during this pandemic.

Donating blood products is essential to community health and the need for blood products is constant. As part of our nation’s critical infrastructure, healthy individuals can still donate in areas that have issued shelter in place declarations or are operating under a phased reopening plan. The Red Cross follows the highest standards of safety and infection control, and volunteer donors are the only source of blood for those in need. As hospitals resume surgical procedures and patient treatments that were temporarily paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, donors are urged to give now to ensure blood products are readily available for patients.  

Red Cross Donation Safety Protocols:

The top priority of the Red Cross is the safety of our donors, volunteers, employees and blood recipients, and we are committed to transparency with the American public during this evolving public health emergency. There are no data or evidence that this coronavirus can be transmissible by blood transfusion, and there have been no reported cases worldwide of transmissions for any respiratory virus including this coronavirus.

Donating blood products is essential to community health and eligible donors are strongly urged to donate now. The Red Cross only collects blood from individuals who are healthy and feeling well at the time of donation – and who meet other eligibility requirements.

At each blood drive or donation center, Red Cross employees follow thorough safety protocols, including:

• Wearing gloves and changing them often

• Wiping down donor-touched areas after every collection

• Using sterile collection sets for every donation

• Preparing the arm for donation with aseptic scrub

• Conducting donor mini-physicals to ensure donors are healthy and well on day of donation 

We have also increased our vigilance concerning some of these safety protocols including:

• Enhanced disinfecting of surfaces and equipment  

• Providing hand sanitizer for use before entering and throughout the donation appointment 

• Temperature checks before presenting donors enter the blood drive or donation center 

• Following social distancing practices between donors including donor beds, as well as waiting and refreshment areas

• During this time, blankets typically used by platelet, Power Red and AB Elite donors at Red Cross blood donation centers will be laundered after each use, which may limit the availability. Donors are encouraged to bring their own blankets, but electric blankets and heating pads are not permitted.

• Staff wearing basic face masks

• For the safety of our donor community and in accordance with CDC guidelines, all donors are required to wear a face covering or mask. Please bring a face covering or mask to your donation. If you do not have one, a mask will be provided to you.

To ensure our staff are healthy each day, we have implemented standard staff health assessments prior to all blood drives.  

Finally, only eligible and healthy people are allowed to give blood.  

These mitigation measures will help ensure blood recipient safety, as well as staff and donor safety in reducing contact with those who may potentially have this respiratory infection.

Book your next donation appointment for the days and weeks ahead to help ensure a sufficient blood supply for patients in need.

The above information can also be viewed at: 


 Thank you for all of your help and support. Stay safe.  

Noah Smith --- IBEW 110 Member --- Blood Drive Coordinator


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How about something to make you smile and forget for just a little while about covid-19?






The results of the Tuesday, March 17, 2020 disbursement vote






who worked on the Habitat for Humanity Homes in Princeton, Faribault and Rice County!

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!!!





 Click the link below to read about the Charles Brett  Scholarship  







Local 110 has a group of email addresses that receive notification (bcc) when there is an event that involves one of our brothers or sisters.  This is sometimes good news about a member or family, a picnic or party reminder, and sadly, funeral notices from the paper or family members letting us know.  Many members have requested we share the obituary when we know about it so they can try to attend.  We do not spam you or share your email address with anyone.  If you would like to be added to the group, please click the link below. 


 Sign up with Doug Suchanek -


Thank you!!!








is currently looking for a full-time Master Electrician at its downtown Minneapolis facility. To apply or for more information contact Eric Spielman 612-799-3997 or click on the above link.


Metropolitan Council

Environmental Services (MCES) Division has one (1) Long-Term Temporary (Up to two (2) years) Electrician vacancy).  To apply or for more information click on the above link. 


 This position is not under the Local 110 Inside Agreement.  Wage and benefit packages are different than the Inside Agreement.  Please do not contact the Local 110 / Referral Office for information or to apply for this position.  For additional information or to apply, please contact Westrock.





Local 110 members if you have any pictures (110 members at work or play) you would like us to use for upcoming calendars/postcards please submit the photo with a brief description to April -







Click on Toys for Tots banner for Kare 11 News video







THANKS to IBEW #110 who knocked it out of the park by finishing up all the electrical work in our biggest house on Willow! 
They gave power to our 6  bedroom, 2 1/2 bath!  THANKS IBEW! Rice County Habitat for Humanity


Watch this page for more volunteer opportunities!


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