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Blood Drive  - Posted 5/18/23

Thank you to those who gave blood and volunteered for the IBEW 110 Blood Drive!  The next blood drive is scheduled for Wednesday, September 13, 2023 from 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Please call Brad Medved at 651-321-8275 to sign up early!

Wage and Benefit Disbursement  - Posted 3/22/23

Wages and Benefits voted on at our March 21, 2023 General Membership Meeting.

MNARC Auto Show - Posted 3/21/23

Perchathon Results - Posted 3/7/23

The results of the 29th Annual Cambridge Unit Perchathon - Registered fish by weight

1st Place  .60 - Mike Walter 
2nd Place  .535 - Beth Wolf
3rd Place  .52 - Jaymes Hoven
4th Place  .45 - Ben Fisher

NOTICE - IBEW LOCAL UNION 110 MEMBERSHIP - Posted November 3, 2022

 To all “A” and “BA” members, the fee paid to the International Per Capita general Fund is going up $2.00 per month as of January 1, 2023. In addition to the Per Capita General Fund increase, all “A” members basic dues paid into the International PBF pension fund are going up $2.00 per month on January 1, 2023. The result is LEA members currently paying $23.00 per month will increase to $25.00 per month. “BA” members currently paying $27.00 per month will increase to $29.00 per month. “A” members currently paying $42.00 per month will increase to $46.00 per month. This increase is due to action taken at the International Convention in Chicago, May 2022.

A $4.00 Death Benefit was assessed to all Local 110 members in November 2022 pursuant to Article XIII, Sec. 9 of IBEW Local Union 110 Bylaws which states: Whenever the balance in the Death Benefit Fund falls below $5,000.00, an assessment of $4.00 shall be levied on all members. 

If you have not paid this assessment, please remit four dollars ($4.00) to: (under “Dues Payment” tab) or mail to Local Union 110, 1330 Conway Street, Ste. 110, St. Paul, MN 55106.

 Fraternally Yours,

Jamie McNamara

OSHA 10 Card Update - Posted 5/3/22

More of our contractor's customers are requiring employees to have an OSHA 10 Card in hand when reporting for work.  If you do not have one or cannot locate yours, consider taking an OSHA 10 Class to get a new or updated card.  Not having an OSHA 10 Card does not exempt you from receiving a strike if you do not take a job.     

TEAM "Wellness at Work" - Posted 4/29/22

Free, confidential service to all members / staff that have 110 insurance
Need to speak to a TEAM counselor? 800-634-7710 day or night

TEAM Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Stress and Vulnerability to Substance Abuse and Suicide

TEAM Critical Incident and Crisis Response Instructions

Thank you Habitat for Humanity Volunteers - Rice County Homes! - Posted 1/17/22

"To Organize All Workers in the Entire Electrical Industry" - Posted 11/16/21 

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

The first object of the IBEW is “To organize all workers in the entire electrical industry in the United States and Canada, including all those in public utilities and electrical manufacturing, into local unions,”.  On his Sunday night show, John Oliver of Last Week Tonight took time to expose companies that use union buster as a strategy to detour us from attaining our goals. 

Take 25 minutes, click on the link below and enjoy a hilarious commentary by Oliver.  It is worth the watch.  


David J. Ruhmkorff

International Vice President

IBEW  6th District

Unions Get It App Update - Posted September 16, 2021

Our Unions Get It App recently had updates that will affect any members who have an Android phone and who have downloaded the Unions Get It App from the Google Store prior to September 13th, 2021. This was to improve user experience and fix minor bug issues. We encourage our members who have the App installed prior to September 13th to delete the current Unions Get It version and download the newer version from the Google Play store.

 Below is a link you can to download the latest version.

Opt in? - Posted December 11, 2020

Local 110 has a group of email addresses that receive notification (bcc) when there is an event that involves one of our brothers or sisters.  This is sometimes good news about a member or family, a picnic or party reminder, and sadly, funeral notices from the paper or family members letting us know.  Many members have requested we share the obituary when we know about it so they can try to attend.  We do not spam you or share your email address with anyone.  If you would like to be added to the group, please click the link below. 

  Sign up with Doug Suchanek -

 Thank you!!!

Photos to Share - Posted December 11, 2020

Local 110 members if you have any pictures (110 members at work or play) you would like us to use for upcoming calendars/postcards please submit the photo with a brief description to April -



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