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Working Dues Increase Notice /  Death Benefit Assessment / Health Insurance Update - Posted October 19, 2021



Our working dues are changing per our bylaws on 1-1-2022 from 3% to 3.75%. Per our bylaws, the working dues change to 3.75% when we work less than 2.3 million hours at the end of the trust fund plan year (September 30th). The working dues change back to 3% when we work more than 2.5 million hours. Your employer deducts working dues from your check. We are notifying all the employers of this upcoming dues change. Please look for this change on your 2nd pay stub of 2022. Notify your employer’s payroll department immediately if you do not see this change of working dues on your check. We ask you to do this as these working dues are ultimately owed by you to the Union Business Office and will need to be settled up by you if your employer fails to make this change.

 The $42 per month basic dues A members pay are not changing on 1-1-2022.

 A $4.00 Death Benefit was assessed to all Local 110 members in October 2021 pursuant to Article XIII, Sec. 9 of IBEW Local Union 110 Bylaws which states: “Whenever the balance in the Death Benefit Fund falls below $5,000.00, an assessment of $4.00 shall be levied on all members.  The Financial Secretary shall notify such members by card or letter.”

 If you have not paid this assessment, please remit four dollars ($4.00) to: (under “Dues Payment” tab) or mail to Local Union 110, 1330 Conway Street, Ste. 110, St. Paul, MN 55106.

 The trustees of our medical plan are making provider changes on 1-1-2022. Please watch your mail box for details from Wilson McShane on these important provider changes. In short, we are changing Health Insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield MN to United HealthCare Choice Plus PPO Network. Our pharmacy network is changing from Prime Therapeutics to CVS Caremark and you do not have to use a CVS pharmacy unless you are on a specialty drug. There is no fee increase associated with these changes on 1-1-2022. I want to encourage you to get your current prescriptions filled before January 1st to give you time to get your doctor to write new prescriptions to your pharmacy with your new card information after January 1, 2022. The welcome packets should be coming in late November to mid December and your new insurance / pharmacy card will come in late December. Both health and pharmacy will be on the same card.

 I’m encouraging members and their families who can get vaccinated for COVID to get vaccinated. I also think no one should make you get vaccinated if you do not want to. Legal council has advised us that customers or contractors can require people coming onto their property or job sites to be vaccinated. COVID is an issue that is starting to divide our membership. I’m concerned if COVID does not subside, unvaccinated members will have less and less opportunities to work.


Jamie M. McNamara

Business Manager/Financial Secretary

IBEW Local Union 110

2021 IBEW RENEW / NextGen Virtual Event - Posted October 18, 2021

The Zoom webinar can be accessed at October 23, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. 

IBEW RENEW / NextGen Virtual Event

TWIC Card Reimbursement 
- Posted September 17, 2021

Sisters and Brothers of IBEW Local 110

 The 110 membership approved reimbursement for 110 members who obtain a new TWIC Card or renew their TWIC Card from September 1, 2021 – October 31, 2022.

If you choose to take this opportunity, to get reimbursed from Local 110, you will need to  follow this procedure. Once you have your new or renewed TWIC Card in hand, bring that card and your receipt from the TSA to our office and our staff will make a copy of both the card and your receipt for our records and begin the process of reimbursement. A check will be mailed to you within 3-4 weeks. You can start this process of obtaining or renewing your TWIC at this website -

St. Paul Park Refinery 2022 - Posted September 17, 2021

PEC / Parsons Electric has been awarded the work for both turnarounds at St. Paul Park Refinery in 2022. IBEW Local 110 is encouraging our members to maintain or get their TWIC Card to be available to take a call at St. Paul Park Refinery.  For information on renewing or getting a TWIC Card please click:  

Unions Get It App Update - Posted September 16, 2021

Our Unions Get It App recently had updates that will affect any members who have an Android phone and who have downloaded the Unions Get It App from the Google Store prior to September 13th, 2021. This was to improve user experience and fix minor bug issues. We encourage our members who have the App installed prior to September 13th to delete the current Unions Get It version and download the newer version from the Google Play store.

 Below is a link you can to download the latest version.


Limited Energy Agreement Contract Ratified - Posted August 25, 2021

The Limited Energy Agreement Contract Vote results from August 24, 2021:
142 Yes
134 No
0 Spoiled
Once finalized, the updated Agreement will replace the red lined version under Secure Docs.

Donations Needed - Posted August 23, 2021

The IBEW Women's Committee is collecting personal hygiene items for women's shelters.  There is a donation box outside of the Local 110 Office.  
Items that are needed are:

  •  shampoo / conditioner
  • body wash
  • hand sanitizer
  • face wash
  • tampons / pads
  • diapers / wipes
  • socks 
  • underwear

Thank you in advance for your donation!!!

LEA Apprentice of the Year Award - Posted August 2, 2021

This year's Limited Energy Outstanding Apprentice Award was presented to Brynn Kirtland, who completed her apprenticeship this year. Congratulations Brynn we are proud to have you as a member!

Employment Opportunity - Posted July 16, 2021

Looking for a career in an exciting, fast-paced workplace?  Excellent collaborative team. WestRock is hiring for Electrician/Maintenance positions.

This position is not under the Local 110 Inside Agreement.  Wage and benefit packages are different than the Inside Agreement.  Please do not contact the Local 110 / Referral Office for information or to apply for these positions.  For additional information or to apply, please click above link. 

Employment Opportunity - Posted June 17, 2021

Saint Paul College seeks energetic and dedicated individuals to apply for an unlimited, full-time (1.0) Electrician Instructor position.  Click here to apply or for more information.

This position is not under the Local 110 Inside Agreement.  Wage and benefit packages are different than the Inside Agreement.  Please do not contact the Local 110 / Referral Office for information or to apply for these positions.  For additional information or to apply, please click above link.

Supporting the National Guard - Posted April 16, 2021

 IEC Resolution and Cover Letter - Posted March 17, 2021

Please read the IEC Resolution and Cover Letter.

A Message from David Ruhmkorff - 6th Districe IVP - Posted February 17, 2021

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

 At the recent IBEW Officers Meeting President Biden shared a video message with us.

In Solidarity,


David J. Ruhmkorff

International Vice President

Sixth District IBEW

Opt in? - Posted December 11, 2020

Local 110 has a group of email addresses that receive notification (bcc) when there is an event that involves one of our brothers or sisters.  This is sometimes good news about a member or family, a picnic or party reminder, and sadly, funeral notices from the paper or family members letting us know.  Many members have requested we share the obituary when we know about it so they can try to attend.  We do not spam you or share your email address with anyone.  If you would like to be added to the group, please click the link below. 

  Sign up with Doug Suchanek -

 Thank you!!!

Photos to Share - Posted December 11, 2020

Local 110 members if you have any pictures (110 members at work or play) you would like us to use for upcoming calendars/postcards please submit the photo with a brief description to April -



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