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Calls requiring a MN JW License, require that you possess a card that says "STATE OF MINNESOTA JOURNEYWORKER A ELECTRICIAN".  The "REG UNL ELECTRICIAN" card does not qualify as a MN JW License.


 Items on this page are in order by DATE.  If the item is informational with no date, they are at the bottom of the page.  Please check back frequently for upcoming notices and events! 






 Habitat for Humanity Finish

Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.

722 6th St. NW

Faribault, MN

RSVP with April








 St. Paul Electrical Workers

Brotherhood Calendar Raffle Winners


1    Dan Greising        Lee Johnson    
2 Robin Chuhel   Sheila Pedersen
3  Marlyn Jeske  Mike Dueber
4  Mike Dombross  Tim Grimm
5  Barb Hager  Jay Jaques
6  Don Flach  Terry Koziol
7  Jeff Marvin  Mary Eckstrom
8  Kelly Heuer Lori Benson    
9 Christine VonDeLinde   Pam Galatowitsch
10  Rob Sorenson  Tiffany Roberts
11 A. Petersen   A. Petersen
12 Ceil Reetz   Jeanne Smith
13 Brad Medved   Dennis Moody
14 Lance Lenarz   Wendy Timmons
15 David Hintze   Nate Barrett
16  Jack Buchal Tom Kelly 
17  Brian Winkelaar Dan Furlong 
18  Bill Kempenich Jonah Kurth 
19 Alton Larson   Terry Furlong
20 Ryan Johnson   Taleeya Roberts
21 Jack Ethier   Tim Grimm
22  Brian Winkelaar  Richard Elgaard
23 Kevin Amunrud  Teri Schanus 
24 Bob Steinhibel   Mike Haas
25 Darlene La Valle   Jean Cox
26 Daniel Castle  Robert A. Olsen 
27 Ceil Reetz   Jeff Marvin
28  Leone Elgaard Samantha Obitz 
29  Dave Sova  Keith Kruse
30  Dennis Joriman  Don Callies


To all who serve on the Brotherhood Committee,  

THANK YOU for all your time, hard work and dedication!





 WESTROCK is currently looking for a Maintenance Electrician.

To apply or for more information click the above link

This position is not under the Local 110 Inside Agreement.  Wage and benefit packages are different than the Inside Agreement.  Please do not contact the Local 110 / Referral Office for information or to apply for these positions.  For additional information or to apply, please contact Westrock.




Sylvester Joy and Sunshine Fund


Tessie Sylvester (pictured below with her family) is the daughter of IBEW 110 Member, Joe Thompson. Please read her story and help her and her family.   











 If you would like a copy of the video from the picnic or Christmas party, please go to the Local 110 Office and sign up for your free copy.


Summer 2017

Christmas 2016

Summer 2016

Christmas 2015

Summer 2015 











Registered Unlicensed Electrician Card

 This information is on top of a card belonging to a Registered Unlicensed Electrician

This card does not meet the qualifications to take a call requiring a Minnesota Journeyman License.











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