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What is Electricians and Associates, Inc.?

Electricians and Associates, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation whose membership is made up of Local 110 IBEW "A" members.


Founded September 28, 1948.

The first board of directors were Theodore Warnlof, Olav Sorlie, James Roach, James Chambers, Austin Eddy, Henry Halvorson, Ray Quinlan, Thomas Griffin, James Deeg, Sr., George Dempsey, E. Lawrence Duffy, Charles Brett, Ray Braun, Edward Capp and Gus Brissman.


The general purposes for which this corporation is formed and organized are, and it's plan of operation shall be, to acquire, purchase, direct, own, maintain and operate a building, grounds and facilities for the use of labor organizations in the state of Minnesota affiliated with the AFL-CIO whose members are engaged in the electrician's craft, such use on the part of said labor organizations to include use for office purposes, meeting halls for said labor organizations, and the members thereof: the conducting of educational classes in the interest and furtherance of said labor organizations to their members: to provide a medium whereby training and apprenticeship programs may be sponsored an carried out to the end that the electrician's trade and craft be preserved to the fullest extent; to promote and advance the welfare and interest of persons employed in the electrician's craft; to carry on sports programs and athletic events in connection with the health program of the craft; to grant educational scholarships to such persons as may be deemed worthy to receive the same among families of the craft; to make charitable contributions; to make expenditures for, and carry on, art activities which will maintain, promote and/or advance the electrician's craft; to carry on and conduct the business of owning and operating a building or buildings, grounds and facilities in the manner best suited to the members of this corporation, including the right to rent said building, grounds or facilities, or any portion thereof, to any person or persons deemed necessary; to acquire, purchase, erect, own, maintained and operate any and all real estate and personal property, and any interest therein; necessary, useful or appropriate to enable this corporation to accomplish any of its purposes, and to do and perform all and any other acts authorized and permitted by law. (Article II, Articles of Incorporation of Electricians and Associates, Inc.)


We are approaching 65 years of E & A.  In that time this organization has seen fit to sponsor many athletic teams, has given scholarships since 1958 to members' family members, and has maintained a place for IBEW members to meet almost continuously since 1948.

The first building E & A owned was the building at 622 Hague.  That building served us well until its sudden demise in 1992.  With dedication and lots of volunteer time from Dan Greising, Dan Muccio, Mike Semborski and Don Sinna we now have the building we are now in.

The purpose of E & A, Inc. is the same now as it was in 1948.  We, on the board believe this, and this building is what we have to show for it.

This is your building.  Be proud of it and the craft that we all belong to.

The general membership hall is available for rental to any member of E & A.  If you are interested in renting the hall for a wedding, party, etc. please call E & A.

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651-776-4239 ext 7-755

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