The safety committee meets at IBEW Local 110 on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 4:00 PM.

For questions, comments, or concerns feel free to reach out.  You may do so anonymously. 
Current Members:
Shawn Weyer (Chair)
Amado (Chico) Moreno
Mike Wolf

Peter Ganzlin

 110's Safety Committee Report June 2023 - Posted June 8, 2023

Recently a member reached out to me to report an incident that occurred on the job that most would never consider when doing a routine installation. After cutting into an existing wall to install a vanity lighting outlet box, the member noticed an abundance of what appears to be used needles and syringes hidden behind the wall covering of a stud cavity. Appropriate action was taken without incident and working with the G.C. to irradicate the problem but it was a good reminder that many unforeseen health hazards can occur on the job that are very difficult to plan for. We wanted to share this with the membership to bring awareness of the dangers of blindly reaching in any space and I have provided additional information on some best practice procedures below on this incident but always be aware of your company’s safety policies and procedures to follow.,enforcement%20agency%20to%20report%20it

In Solidarity,
Shawn Weyer
110 Safety Committee Chair

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