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 Local 110 Election Results 

President Ed Nelson  
Vice President Don Sinna  
Recording Secretary Michael Wolf  
Business Manager / Financial Secretary     Jamie McNamara  
Treasurer Dan Muccio  
Examining Board Jeff Anderson  
  Pete Barrett  
  William Malecha  
Executive Board Michael Bell  
  Lori Benson  
  Dave Cerney  
  Joe Kelly  
  Randy Reetz  
  Mitch Schanus  
  Rich Swanson  
Convention Delegates Jeff Anderson  
  Joe Lubitz  
  Dan Muccio  
  Don Sinna  
  Doug Suchanek  
  Michael Wolf  






Section 3 is a federal requirement on HUD financed projects. There will be more projects in the near future that will require Section 3 participants.

Please click on the following link and fill out the form to see if you qualify. It is an income based qualification.

Section 3 information



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