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***REFERRAL CHANGE***  Effective Monday, October 3, 2016 the three (3) strike system will be reactivated.  A current "Letter of Introduction" will be required (in hand) to sign Book II. 



St. Paul Electrical Workers

Brotherhood Calendar Raffle Winners

 To all who serve on the Brotherhood Committee, THANK YOU for all your time, hard work and dedication!

Congratulations to our winners!!!

 1 Tim Boyd Scott Heuer 
2 Barry Rezny Maureen Farber
3 Shai Dueber Keith Kruse
4 David Hayley Adam Larson
5 Terry Liska Charlie Warner, Jr.  
6 Charles P. Gleason   Ric Reichel
7 Don Kirchberg Gerry Kroll
8 Marlyce Stennes Billy Taney
9 Deb Schmidt Will Thunstrom
10 Ginny Fahey Brandon Tingerthal 
11  John Whitelaw Curt Braatz 
12 Brendan McSherry Leo Dueber 
13  Sue Dreis Tamara Zaic 
14  Tamara Zaic Edward Andersen 
15  Jim Dueber Jay Flaherty 
16  Bud Mohwinkel  Rick Clifton 
17  Gary Christopherson  Jay Elgaard 
18  Jim Otto  Jack Ethier 
19  Doug Suchanek  Pete Deeg 
20  Chris Oistad  George Carley 
21  Dick Ravn  Joe Kelly 
22  John Heuer  Bob Olsen 
23  Marc St. Martin  Walt Bittorf 
24 Brian Ahrens  Gerry Kroll 
25  John Heuer  Steve Galatowitsch 
26  Mark Anderson  Bryan Berczyk 
27  JoAnne Owens  Kristine Clum 
28 Ed Butler  Mark Hosfield 
29  Russell Mortimer  Mike Mergens
30  Steve Caviezel  Kip Campbell 










Section 3 is a federal requirement on HUD financed projects. There will be more projects in the near future that will require Section 3 participants.

Please click on the following link and fill out the form to see if you qualify. It is an income based qualification.

Section 3 information


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