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November 2015

1  Glen Jorgensen

Allen Ostroviak

2  Mick Huntress

Mark Blegen

3  Pat Gallatin

Jeremy Serres

Barry Rezny

Taleeya Roberts

Joe Lubitz

Dean McEnery

Bob Perkins

Rich Malloy

Dave Lorence

Gary Beckstrand

Lisa Dickenson

Tim Probst

Marcus Van Gelder

Gary Schmidt

10 Conor Setley

Jim Mueller

11  Eddie & Mai

Rick Clifton

12  A. Petersen

JoAnne Owens

13  David Hintze

Annette Youness

14  Mike Subject

John Wagner

15  Jim Tauer

Jesse Olson

16  Marty Klueh

Kevin LInde

17  Kallie Rezny

Frank Petersen

18  Pete Deeg

Ed Chance

19  Brad Malm

Chris Kanneman

20  Jody Dueber

Tamara Zaic

21  Dan Deeb

Victor Binsfeld

22  Doug Suchanek

Gary Rudiger

23  John Daggit

Brian Berczyk

24  Jay Elgaard

Justin Seten

25  Dan VonDelinde

Erwin Utech

26  Jeanne Dabe

A. Petersen

27  Jim Deeg

Joe  Deeb

29 30          





Section 3 is a federal requirement on HUD financed projects. There will be more projects in the near future that will require Section 3 participants.

Please click on the following link and fill out the form to see if you qualify. It is an income based qualification.

Section 3 information



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